IAD product is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises with high performance, multifunction voice access gateway, product support multiple functions such as data, voice, security, VPN, meet the operator or virtual operators, enterprises through the IP access to the user to provide broadband, voice and fax service, the product can also be and IPPBX equipment, for the government, enterprises, schools and other branches to form a cross-regional exchange of voice over IP network to provide efficient voice communication. IAD products include a variety of interface types that support connection to analog phones, fax machines, PCS, and broadband networks. The product adopts standard SIP protocol, conforms to TISPAN/IMS standard, is perfectly compatible with IPPBX, SIP server and operator IMS/NGN soft switch platform, and provides flexible and diverse access methods, which is suitable for large-scale deployment of operator project and enterprise fusion communication. Shanglu technology has accumulated many years of practical experience and abundant technology in SIP protocol, voice processing and embedded system design, and its VOIP voice gateway has been adopted by operators and many enterprises all over the world.

Easy and quick configuration, easy to use

Multiple voice services

Wide compatibility with SIP terminals

  • Compatible with domestic and foreign standard SIP terminal. Including SIP APP, voice gateway, SIP phone, etc.
  • Compatible major equipment brands include Ericsson, Cisco, AVAYA, Polycom, Panasonic, NEC, huawei, etc
  • product model IAD100-8FXS
  • network port 1*GE+3*FE(RJ45)
  • FXS port 8*RJ11 interfaces
  • Console port 1个 , RJ45 , 115200bps
  • USB port 1 USB2.0 support FullSpeed
  • working power supply AC 110V-240V
  • crate metal material
  • maximum power 25W
  • Size 340*210*43.5mm
  • Operational Requirement Working environment temperature 5 ℃ ~ 55 ℃ environment relative humidity of 95% or less (condensation) at an altitude of 3000 m performance without falling within the atmospheric pressure of 86 kpa to 106 kpa particles in the air concentration of 180 mg/m3 or less
  • operating mode support gateway, routing and bridging modes
  • basic functions Static IP, dynamic IP, PPPOE support a variety of ways access, support subinterface function, support DHCP and NAT, DNS, IGMP, VLAN function, support the static routing, dynamic routing, routing policy, support the PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC SSL VPN, support switches VLAN division, TRUNK mouth support, support the NTP client network time synchronization, support QOS bandwidth and priority of speed adjustment, support security firewall, support the ARP virus protection.
  • voice business (with core network /IPPBX implementation) Support basic call, support the calling number display, support the calling number display limit, support call forward unconditionally, supports busy call forward, no answer call transfer, support calling number display, supports call waiting, three-way calling support, support for malicious call, supports exhaled restrictions, don't disturb, abbreviated dial support, support hotline service, supports the alarm clock, busy callback, conference telephone support, support based on IMS SIP voice business, support based on NGN SIP voice business, Support voice service based on h. 248 protocol.
  • Speech codec Support g. 711 PCMU, g. 711 PCMA, g. 729 or g. 729a.
  • voice quality assurance Support echo cancellation, support mute detection, mute compression, support comfortable background sound generation, support jitter buffer, support voice frame compensation function, support gain adjustment.
  • Journal function Support local logging, support log upload log server.
  • local management Support local HTTP Web management, remote HTTS Web management, import and export of gateway configuration files, log file record level setting, device reset operation, software upgrade, device restart, fault detection and device status monitoring.
  • Remote management Support remote upgrade function, support SNMP network management protocol, support TR069 network management protocol, support SYSLOG protocol.