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Softswitch platform | IMS9000

Portable communication

        In the soft exchange platform, ShangLu technology adopts cloud architecture technology and virtual CENTREX technology based on soft exchange to cloud the communication resources and services, so as to realize the communication resources sharing among different hotels, institutions or units and the communication services can be independent from each other.

The platform provides the solution of "cloud platform + PON", realizes the fixed telephone access of hotels, and provides PMSI interface. It can connect with the third party Hotel system, realizes the billing, room telephone management, flexible switchboard and extension billing management, telephone service desk and soft phone, custom IVR interactive voice response process control, and switchboard color ring tone, internal short dial and other business, which can improve the enterprise. Work efficiency and meet the core voice and office business needs of different enterprises.

  • Unified network management, improve maintenance efficiency: through the unified network management can real-time control of the operation of all hotel communications equipment, the first time to actively identify customer problems, improve processing efficiency, improve satisfaction.
  • Through the telecommunication level, standardized products to meet different hotel business needs: through the reliability of cloud services plus PON access gateway, according to different types of users, to provide standardized voice services at the telecommunication level, which is conducive to business promotion.
  • Integrated access can reduce the construction cost: it is unnecessary to build complex local communication system, only need to install lightweight PON access equipment, which can not only ensure a high degree of business integration, but also provide convenient remote operation and maintenance services, and support future smooth expansion, reduce the construction and daily maintenance costs.
  • Increase business types, increase revenue of government and enterprise users, and increase user adhesion: functions such as call desk,hotel management, and billing do not need to be built by the hotel, but can be provided and charged by the mobile operators.

Function overview

  • Protocol signaling IMS SIP Agreement
  • Codec type Support for g. 711a/u, GSM, SpeeX, g. 722, g. 726, g. 729, g. 729a, iLBC
  • Number analysis Call routing, routing rules, number conversion, outside number rules
  • Basic voice service Internal extension call: all kinds of voice gateways, IP phones and SIP soft phones using standard SIP protocol are supported
  • IMS outside call SIP relays communicate with IMS
  • Supplementary business Check internal and external number, phone login logout, custom call permissions, intelligent call filtering, conditions, routing, don't disturb, ringtone, the queue,enterprise IVR, keep the music, the custom prompt ,unconditional transfer, transfer of busy, no answer transfer, transfer of an unregistered, call waiting, call hold, co group pickup, the designated pickup, blind transfer, ask transfer, the alarm clock to wake up, the blacklist, group call, secretary, voicemail, mobile extension, virtual machine, fax, telephone conference, call recording, billing,soft console, hotel management PMSI interface
  • Security mechanism Firewall, SIP flood control, IP address filtering, call book limit, call duration control
  • DTMF Support RFC2833, SIP info and inband
  • Fax T.30 through, T.38
  • video Point-to-point video calls based on SIP
  • Account management Support multi-level authority management of platform, region and company
  • Local management Web interface configuration, version upgrade/rollback, data backup and recovery, license management
  • Log management Operation log, operation log, user log, security log
  • The alarm management Activity alarm, Historical alarm inquiry