Easy call center

Easy call center

The latest Shanglu information technology SMEs integrated communication solution, using the new IP-PBX 800/3000 highly equipment, LVswitch soft console, LVswitch recording system and MOA phone mobile app, to meet the SME phone recording use, phone Call intelligent processing, customer management settings and many other functions.

Newer client, easier communication

  • Support for multiple IPPBX extensions "LV switch console" client installed on the computer. Clicking on the address book number to dial, displaying the customer's caller information and call history, sharing the customer information between the teams and communicating the communication smoothly is more intelligent and simple.

Recording is automatically stored, the original sound is intact

  • High-efficiency telephone call recording complete recording, automatic recording storage, each call at a glance, in addition to intelligent classification dial date query, accurate, simple, you can also choose recording and listening, software installation and maintenance which is easy to understand.

The smartphone becomes a mobile extension and is not subject to local calls.

  • The team member has a "MOA phone" APP (application) installed on the mobile terminal. As long as there is data connection (2G, 3G, 4G) or Wifi, the mobile phone can be used as a mobile extension to answer or make a call.

  • LVswitch combines cloud technology with intranet penetration technology. The company does not need public IP addresses or dynamic domain names. External network mobile extensions and off-site landlines can easily access IP-PBX 800/3000. Easy remote setup and maintenance.