Guangdong Shanglu information technology ltd( Guangdong LVswitch) is a technology-oriented high technology enterprise founded by a numbers of senior communication experts in United States.Now the company headquarters locates in Guangdong,Foshan city with itS research center in USA New Jersey.The products mainly cover unified communication platform,IPPBX system,IP phone,IAD gateway,IMS multi-media subsystem. The company has established research institutes and branches in guangdong, jiangsu and other regions in China. Through the expansion of domestic and international markets, its products and solutions have covered many countries and regions in the world.We are committed to provide enterprises with the best cost-effective unified communication solutions and value-added applications, and work with partners to explore the huge potential of the unified communication market.

Company concept

The lvswitches series developed by Guangdong Shanglu information technology ltd. Are intelligent enterprise cloud cooperative working platform and IPPBX gateway products of enterprise integrated communication.The product is based on the traditional PBX and updates part of the hardware and software, implement the product strategy of cloud + terminal, realize the "Internet +" of enterprise communication, build a new generation of Last Voice Switches, and provide enterprises with a new generation of mobile informatization services.

v switches sticks on the company concept “ Building the intelligent network,create communication value”.LV switches product not only provide the network access equipment,but also provides independent core technologies in IM message processing mechanism, voice control and secure encrypted communication field on a unified platform. Compared with foreign competitors, the company has advantages in advanced technology, flexible solutions and cost-effective products.

Solve the enterprise communication problem

The strong and steady system can provide for the customer high efficiency,easy and cost-effective communication solutions.

◆ High security, using stable IP communication equipment, low cost to enterprise communication

◆ Enterprise unified communication call center, data transmission, audio and video conferencing, instant messaging and other solutions

◆ Quickly build a telephone network

◆ Simple operation, improve the enterprise office efficiency.

◆ Communication integration, unified management


Strong R & D and management team

The LV switch has many senior experts in the field of communication,network,IT and security and has gathered a number of senior management personnel with practical experience in management and enterprise operation at home and abroad.One of the famous expert is the well known doctor who has started research in the field of NGN next generation communication exchange technology.The company has professional technical team with the best service and solutions.The LV switch has set up branches in Guangdong and Jiangsu etc regions.After the expansion of national and international market ,nowadays the products have cover many regions of the world.

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