Multi-branch enterprise telephone network

Multi-branch enterprise telephone network

With the rapid development of the Internet and the era of mobile Internet access, wireless has become the dominant force for terminal access. Mobile office has become a trend, and more and more companies are expanding their business from the local to the whole country and even the world. At the same time, it faces inefficient cross-regional communication problems and high-cost deployment and operation and maintenance issues.

1, multi-branch telephone system

  • The commercial IP telephone switch supports extension remote registration. Users can use IP phones and IAD voice gateways (+ analog phones) to access the headquarters IP phone system through the Internet or private network to meet the needs of remote office communication and save the cost of additional purchase of the telephone system.
  • Corporate headquarters and branch VoIP interconnection
  • Realize internal short number free dialing, long road bypass
  • Suitable for: small branches, off-site offices, temporary office locations, home office, etc.

2. Multipoint interconnection of headquarters branches

  • When enterprises have multiple branches across the country, Unicom headquarters and branches will deploy IP telephony switches to build Internet or private networks to build inter-regional enterprise-specific telephone networks.
  • Supports access to PSTN/IMS/NGN networks through various types of trunks
  • Establish an internal corporate voice network over an IP network
  • Use voice services such as short number dialing, switchboard, message, call waiting, etc.
  • Use value-added services such as meetings
  • Get the same convenient and high quality communication experience in the office with your mobile app
  • Users can get the same convenient, high-quality communication experience from any device, anywhere, over any network
  • Applicable to: group / cross-regional companies, chain companies, multi-level government agencies, entrepreneurial SOHO, business travellers, etc.

3. Renovate multi-point networking from traditional switch IP

  • The traditional program-controlled telephone exchange PBX, with the voice gateway (or digital trunking gateway) for IP transformation to access the Internet or private network, to achieve multi-point networking with remote telephone exchanges
  • Interworking between IPPBX and enterprise TDM PBX
  • Realize the network transformation or expansion based on the preservation of the original traditional PBX
  • Providing new services for IPPBX
  • Applicable to: Enterprises that require traditional IP-based PBXs and require IP networking

Shanglu IP telephony switch integrates intranet penetration function of cloud platform

  • Connect to the Internet for telephone networking. Headquarters and branches do not need public IP addresses, dynamic domain names, port mappings or VPNs. All devices and terminals are registered to the user's cloud platform, thus reducing the cost of funds.