Large and medium-sized enterprise group(More than 50 persons)

Large and medium-sized enterprise group(More than 50 persons)

With the continuous development of IP technology and the global application of Internet network, the application of voice over IP network (VoIP) is becoming more and more extensive. Large and medium-sized enterprises generally put forward stronger demands with the development of communication business for efficient communication experience, convenient business integration and low-cost deployment, operation and maintenance. Therefore, with the expansion of cross-regional scale, the internal efficient communication efficiency becomes more and more important.

Shanglu Infomation is customized for smart enterprise informatization:

  • standardized management of production operation layer
  • digitalization of management executive management
  • digitize the business collaboration layer
  • intelligent management of strategic decision layer

  • Shanglu of large and medium-sized enterprise group telephone, of a series of trade routes LVSwitches with soft exchange as the core, to provide comprehensive communication and convenient open ability, support topology management, alarm management, performance management, user management, equipment management, log management, task management, remote operation, equipment information monitoring, voice quality monitoring unified management and maintenance of business integration, intelligent enterprise unified communications solutions, applies to hundreds to thousands of large and medium-sized enterprises, can also through the device stack or group enterprise network service in the scale of tens of thousands of people, To truly improve the efficiency of enterprise management for large and medium-sized enterprises, integrate informatization into business processes, neon-knit structure and performance evaluation, and become an organic part of the internal operation mechanism of enterprises, so as to help complete the mission of enterprises and promote the stable development of enterprises.

Customized voice service + interface compatibility

  • support voice calls, video calls, conference calls, recording systems, mobile extensions, etc.
  • compatible with analog relays, digital relays, IP relays and other operator telephone lines.
  • interface with analog phones, IP phones, computer extensions, mobile extensions and other terminals
  • intelligent terminal for mobile office applications
  • perfect connection with third-party application systems
  • secondary development based on API interface

Business process driven

  • Support unified network management, centralized operation and maintenance, and batch deployment
  • Support single and multi-point telephony network deployment
  • Support graphical web page configuration interface

Reliable and stable

  • Core business functions and management systems support dual hot standby.
  • Support device cascade, smooth expansion of system capacity.
  • Business system modular design, optional matching on demand, free expansion

Rich office phone functions

  • Basic voice services: switchboard service, IVR voice navigation, music ring, Call limit, call transfer, voice message, voice mail, transfer, designated pickup, same group pickup, group call, automatic route identification of number, call authority, group call, do not disturb, etc.
  • Integrated communication services: voice recording, teleconferencing, telephony networking, video calling, mobile extension, call desk, etc
  • ICT integration business: support docking with third-party application systems and secondary development based on API interfaces

Supporting voice gateway