Office phone of small and micro enterprises (< 50 employees)

Office phone of small and micro enterprises (< 50 employees)

As an important part of the national economy, the development of small and micro enterprises has received more and more attention. With the continuous acceleration of information progress, small and micro enterprises solve the problem of high brand image and communication cost by applying for straight line telephone from operators in the traditional mode. So how can small and micro enterprises achieve standardized office communication and enhance their competitiveness? Shanglu small and micro enterprise office phone solution, only one IP pbx800/3000 easy to solve the above problems.

Shanglu small and micro enterprise office phone solution, only one IP pbx800/3000 easy to solve the above problems.

  • For example, traditional PBX supports call forwarding, call transfer, three-way call, voice recording, voice message, automatic operator, IVR automatic voice navigation and one-way service, and provides its own features in VOIP voice service, such as intelligent operator, voice mail, embedded recording, etc

Intelligent operator system is powerful and convenient to use

  • Enterprises and institutions can customize the IVR process according to their own needs. Through its own core software platform, to provide users with IVR function, without additional IVR server and corresponding board card, reduce investment expenditure. Through the graphical interface operation, the user can be extremely convenient to customize its unique IVR process. Call efficient automatic transfer to the telephone desk or appropriate seats, to provide better service.
  • IVR intelligent operator voice navigation functions are as follows
  • The welcome message and prompt sound will be played after the user dials the IVR access number
  • The IVR process can be customized as needed and supports multi-level nesting of IVR.
  • Events that can be triggered in the IVR include: IVR process, call desk, extension, group call, queue, outside line number, voice mail, hang up, etc.

  • Intelligent operator has the ACD capability, the system can automatically allocate calls on the whole distributed network according to the actual demand, and in the future, the electricity will be allocated to the most suitable operator for processing. The system tracks the status of all the seats in real time so as to manage the traffic queue effectively. Intelligent ACD not only provides users with multimedia access, but also provides users with transparent services, makes full use of system resources, and improves system processing capacity.
  • ACD intelligent operator service functions are as follows
  • Be able to assign seats or extensions according to future policy
  • Incoming calls can be queued, and timeout processing can be performed after waiting for timeout
  • The call allocation strategy includes all ringing, cyclic ringing, least answered ringing, memory cyclic ringing, and random ringing
  • The number of queues can be configured, and the user can listen to and wait for music. After the timeout, the user can choose to switch to the telephone exchange, to the designated extension, to other queues, to voice mail, to play the prompt sound, to hang up directly and so on

Efficient internal communication to save communication cost

  • PBX800/3000 has its own commercial road IP telephone switch, which integrates the Intranet penetration function of the cloud platform and connects to the Internet to form a telephone network. The headquarters and branches do not need the public network IP address, dynamic domain name, port mapping or VPN, and all devices and terminals are registered to the user cloud platform, thus reducing the cost and capital
  • Free dialing between all extension phones to share the outside line of the headquarters
  • Support one-click call forwarding, transfer and conference call

Flexible deployment, convenient construction

  • Support operators to simulate PSTN, IP and IMS access
  • Support analog phone, fax machine, IP phone, MOA phone App extension and other terminals
  • IP phones (or wireless phones) can be deployed in the existing office network of the enterprise, which can be used after plugging in the network cable without pulling the telephone line.

Easy to use and easy to maintain

  • Configure Web page interface, easy and flexible operation, no need to hire IT professionals.

The equipment parameters

Realize multifunctional office telephone

  • Basic voice services: switchboard service, IVR voice navigation, ring function, voice limit, call transfer, voice message, voice mail, transfer, designated agent, same group agent, group call, automatic route identification of number, call authority, group call, DND, etc
  • Integrated communication services: Interactive voice navigation, voice recording, simple call center, mobile extension, video call, teleconference, call desk, etc

Program value

  • Reduce the communication fee, and the whole voice private network is free of calls between extension machines within the network
  • Improve the institutional office image system configuration interactive voice prompt (IVR), users can record their own welcome speech, to make it easier for the public to find office staff, provide voice prompt on non-working days, set the tone of the switchboard and extension bell waiting. When an employee is not at work, he/she can transfer the phone to his/her mobile phone through the call transfer function without missing any calls
  • Distributed deployment of devices, remote centralized and unified management of LVS IPPBX devices provide multiple management modes, such as Web local management and remote centralized and unified management. By deploying the unified network management software, IT only needs to configure IT personnel in the department to realize remote management of all LVS IPPBX devices throughout the organization, which is easy to operate
  • high reliability this voice network solution USES a distributed hybrid architecture, where both the home and branch IPPBX can operate independently of the IP network; When the network is blocked, the internal telephone of each branch is unblocked, which does not affect the operation of enterprises and institutions