Small and medium-sized enterprises network independently

Small and medium-sized enterprises network independently

In recent years, the informatization trend of small and medium-sized enterprises in China is deepening, and the communication and informatization construction of enterprises play a decisive role in the daily operation of enterprises. The current situation is that most phones used by small and medium-sized enterprises only have a single voice exchange function, and when there is a need for further communication, they have no choice but to purchase new equipment. Communication and information equipment with single function, such as voice, fax, broadband access, firewall, etc., not only do not have strong integration and expansibility, but also cause huge investment in enterprise communication networking costs, as well as increased labor and equipment maintenance costs. Small and medium-sized enterprises are "small" in scale and have a "big" burden. For both basic communication requirements can satisfy the business enterprise, and with industry characteristics, in a variety of communication tools and integrated multiple communications value-added business communications products and equipment integration, small and medium-sized businesses have expressed a strong investment intention, through the adoption of integrated communication access to improve work efficiency, improve enterprise brand standards, reduce operating costs.

The needs of customers

  • Integration of enterprise access equipment reduces the investment of enterprises in equipment.
  • Voip communication needs high security and stability.
  • Business travel personnel and the company to achieve free exchange.
  • Do not change the original telephone terminal and dialing habits
  • Flexible expansion of the number of voice users

The solution

  • Through LVswitch's IP pbx800/3000 device, it can realize integrated access to voice, Internet data and other communications of newly built and relocated small and medium-sized enterprises. Voice function support access operators PSTN analog phone lines, can also be used without adding any other device under the condition of smooth transition to NGN, IMS network operators, the system support analog telephone, IP telephone, mobile phone APP, video terminal access, extend the voice gateway, docking the recording system, docking with Internet routing features, can be directly instead of enterprise routers, meet the demand of small and medium-sized enterprise customer access to the Internet, and can according to need to configure security, network management, value-added applications, etc. As long as the device is connected to the Internet and connected to the cloud platform of the company, the enterprise does not need a fixed and dynamic public network address or port mapping, so as to realize the registration and access of mobile APP for business trip personnel in different places. People in different places can also have free calls with the company anytime and anywhere.

Program value

  • Enterprise integrated access devices to achieve investment protection for enterprises. The integration of IP voice switching and Internet routing functions reduces the one-time investment cost of enterprises. Modular design for enterprise customization and extension
  • Provide multi-layer voice navigation (similar to mobile 10086 mode) and a variety of value-added services to enhance the professional image of the enterprise support hotline, automatic switchboard, secretary business, custom ringtone, voice message to email, yiyitong, alarm clock and other services