Phone recording

Phone recording

Accessing the IP phone needs of a number of companies, telephone recording has gradually become a required function of the enterprise, which can provide effective proof for the disputes of the sales personnel of the enterprise. The voice data incremented over time can be used to mine valuable information. Many companies today have set up "after-sales service calls need to record the call process" such as: insurance, banking, securities, government related departments and other important industries. Traditional telephone recordings include recording telephones, recording cassettes, etc., such as mostly single-point, which is difficult to manage in collection. Shanglu Information Technology Telephone Recording Solution meets the different needs of enterprises or industries, provides complete, reliable and safe recording and storage, and performs centralized management at a single point or multiple points. It also adds AI recording to text recognition technology to facilitate recording.

1. Recording of large and medium-sized enterprises/call centers (>60 people)

  • High concurrent recording: Single IP PBX3000 IP telephone switch supports more than 56 telephone recordings, supports stacking of multiple devices, and supports up to 300 real-time telephone recordings.
  • Server storage: Install LVswitch recording system on the server, professional recording storage and management, safe and reliable.
  • Device management: support recording query, statistical analysis, multi-level rights management, recording encryption, automatic backup and other functions.
  • Applicable scenarios: banks, airlines, public inspection law units, and so on.

2. Retain the original softswitch platform and use LVswitch voice gateway to realize telephone recording

  • The LVswitch voice gateway supports the standard SIP protocol and is compatible with mainstream softswitch platforms. All calls through the voice gateway directly generate recordings, and the recording files are stored on the server, and the recordings are centrally managed through the LVswitch recording tube system.

3. retain the original program-controlled telephone exchange, use LVswitch digital trunking gateway to achieve telephone recording

  • The LVswitch digital trunking gateway provides 4/8 E1 interfaces and 512 SIP trunk account registrations to help the enterprise's original program-controlled telephone exchanges access the operator's IMS platform. All the calls through the LVswitch digital trunking gateway directly generate recordings, and the recording files are stored on the server, and the recordings are centrally managed by the LVswitch recording management system.