Wireless office environment

Wireless office environment

According to the survey data, most enterprises have certain troubles in the office wiring. The internal telephone lines of the office are placed in disorder, the maintenance and maintenance of the drawbacks are troublesome, and some property regulations do not allow the cable to be pulled.

demand analysis

  • Complex wiring and difficult maintenance
  • High material prices and unsightly furnishings
  • Property management prohibits the use of pull wires


  • In order to improve the office environment of enterprise users and improve office efficiency, the Shanglu IP PBX device supports network port (WAN) or wireless terminal connection such as: "wireless phone, IP phone, mobile soft phone" to help enterprises configure unified management. It is easy to expand and saves wiring costs.

Program value

  • Make the office environment simple, comfortable, and easy to maintain
  • Connect to a broadband network to make calls, extensions, soft calls
  • Solve complex layout connection lines