Factory campus telephone deployment

Factory campus telephone deployment

Many buildings in the park/plant area in educational institutions or production enterprises are traditionally connected by multiple pairs of twisted pairs. This method has high material cost, complicated docking and slow construction time. Nowadays, the buildings are equipped with fiber-optic connections. Generally, the optical fibers can only be connected to the Internet or access the telephone. If you want to perform the two at the same time, you need to support the optical cat to achieve (optical modem).

Program requirements

  • Solve complicated docking, long installation time and high material cost
  • Need to support the device to access the Internet and receive calls
  • Easy to maintain expansion equipment


  • Shanglu Technology's converged communication equipment, such as "IP PBX800" equipment has 1 WAN port, 2 LAN ports, SIP trunk (network cable), FXO port (analog line), and E1/T1 (digital trunk) support up to 16 ports. The WAN port can be connected to the external network to implement broadband Internet access, connect to the IMS platform, and the voice network segment allocated by the operator. The LAN port can be connected to the internal network, and the LAN maintenance device can be used to transmit information by using the optical network device. And consumption costs.

Program value

  • On construction: deployment costs are reduced by more than 50%, and construction time is fast
  • Use: Easy maintenance, telephone wiring costs reduced by more than 70%
  • Management: external line (trunk) and switchboard unified number